Warehouse Sale Wines

Annual Winter Warehouse Sale!

December 8th & 9th

Super Sale Wines - no additional discounts
Petit Blanc (Blend) - $10/bottle
Petit Blanc (Riesling) - $10/bottle
2013 Marsanne/Viognier - $12/bottle
2014 MRV - $12/bottle
2015 Viognier - $15/bottle SOLD OUT!
2016 Sauvignon Blanc - $12/bottle
2015 Syrah - $15/bottle
2014 Estate Pinot Noir - $20/bottle SOLD OUT!

Sale Wines - 10% off cases
Mescolare Lot 23 - $15/bottle
2008 Cab/Syrah - $20/bottle
2015 Claret - $25/bottle
2014 Petit Pompadour - $39/bottle
2017 Pinot Gris - $24/bottle
2017 Chardonnay - $27/bottle
2016 Late Harvest Gewurztraminer - $26/bottle
2015 Malbec - $29/bottle
2015 Tempranillo - $29/bottle

All remote orders must be placed by 5pm on

Sunday the 9th.


Order by phone: 541-488-5989
Order by email: ariel@weisingers.com

It's that time of year again!  We are so happy to offer our customers such amazing discounts on our wines.  We appreciate your patronage and hope that you are able to visit during the sale.  If not, don't fret!  We are accepting orders by phone and email again this year.  Due to some limited quantities, we suggest that you place your order early on the 8th.  All remote orders must be placed by 5pm on Sunday the 9th.  Orders are not guaranteed until confirmed by winery staff.  
You may place your order starting 
Saturday, December 8th at 11am.