Join us for Words and Wine with author Louis Sahagun.  

The Southern Oregon Literary Alliance in partnership with Weisinger’s Family Winery is proud to host award-winning Los Angeles Times reporter and author, Louis Sahagun.  Sahagun’s comprehensive biography of Manly P. Hall is also the story of modern American Spiritualist movements.  It’s also a history of Los Angeles and California marked by rival egos, conflicting loyalties, and fickle monetary alliances.  

 As a 19-year-old arriviste from Canada, Manly Palmer Hall found his gift in fiery speech and prophecy.  Within a decade, Hall rivaled Aimee Semple McPherson as the primary source for mystical visions.  While many other Spiritualists limited themselves to new interpretations of the Christian bible, Hall traveled the world searching for arcane and secret knowledge originated by mystics throughout the world.  Funded by wealthy patrons, Hall built the Philosophical Research Society as a repository for his collection of occult findings and a place to expand his research. Hall's book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, is considered a lodestone of modern esoteric studies.

 Hall died in 1990 under suspicious circumstances, and the case remains an open homicide investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department; his suspected murderer escaping to the Ashland, Oregon area.

 Join Louis and the Southern Oregon Literary Alliance for an exhilarating evening of mysticism, intrigue, and murder.